I feel incredibly fortunate to have worked with Dr. Joel. We have worked together for about 5 years, and in that period of time I have made many life transitions and grown enormously. Dr. Joel has been instrumental in helping me navigate life’s challenges in a manner that allows me to grow into a better version of myself. In particular, he has helped with my transition from Division I collegiate athletics (balancing school, family, relationships, and outside commitments with athletics) to the world of competing professionally. His experiences as a world class athlete allow him to walk me through the mental steps necessary to perform at my very best when it matters most. I have filled pages and pages with notes from our conversations that I am able to look over when I feel performance anxiety or pressure leading up to competition. This year, I had several breakthrough performances that I attribute largely to his help with mentally framing competition in a more productive way.


I was initially referred to Dr. Wade to help with my business struggles. Those issues have been resolved and my business has been more successful in many ways as a result of working with Dr. Wade. Dr. Wade is easy to talk to and has a unique ability to get to the root of the issue. He doesn’t have you ruminate or dwell on the past would have, should have or could have’s. Rather, he helps you get “unstuck” in order to create a better future starting right now. I am elated to report that my marriage and relationship with my children has improved drastically as well. Thank you Dr. Wade for your indispensable wisdom.


Since more than one year, I’ve been through very challenging events. I’ve been fighting a serious illness, and I had to deal with a situation of moral harassment at work. While I understood the situation and knew how to deal with it in a legal way, I was unable to deal with how this painful situation was affecting my life.

Working with Joel has been an incredible help. Joel makes you feel very comfortable immediately. He is involved and caring. He has an acute understanding of situations and people, so he’s able to give you both insights on where you are now, and the good tools (easy and logical) to deal with it. Perhaps also equally important, when I felt helpless in front of apparently insurmountable events, Joel taught me how to define and take actions, thereby giving me the feeling to regaining control. His kindness and support also helped me to go through difficult, sometimes scary situations. Perhaps another extra: I don’t live in the US, and despite I’m not a native English speaker, all this work was still possible.

I’m really happy I met Joel to help me at this point of my life, and I would definitely recommend him to others.


Joel made a big difference in my life. He helped me to sort out my past relationship which was causing harm to my present one. He helped me to understand the difficulties between my parents. This made my relationship with my mom so much more loving and the memory of my father is nicer and more peaceful. He taught me to feel and love again. He taught me that integrity is an ongoing project which helped me to reduce stress. I’m more aware of my beliefs and treating others with them in mind. He taught me a body wisdom which I use daily and I consider it to be one of the most valuable tools for living a mindful and joyful life. I appreciate his insight, kindness and wisdom very much. It’s been an honor working with him.


Dr. Joel Wade has made a tremendous difference in my life, notably during a very difficult season. He has assisted me is changing how I view adversity with specific tools and insights to further my health and my goals. His unique perspective has supported me in learning to be happier, more self-disciplined and, therefore, more self-actualized. I can feel definitive changes in how I feel after a session with him and come away from our conversations with specific exercises to help myself. Our time has been most helpful in moving my life forward using the opportunities and challenges at hand. Thank you so very much!


Dr. Joel is an extremely gifted counselor who has changed our lives. A few times we’ve felt so deep in the soup that we couldn’t even see a way out, but Dr. Joel’s gentle, yet poignant questions have led us back to love. My husband and I are so grateful for him.


We loved working with Joel to improve our lives. We were working on improving our life together, especially working on our strengths, getting to know ourselves and building our character. If you care about self development, working with Joel is like adding rocket fuel to your engine – with his insights and exercises, it is much faster and it feels achievable. And for that reason we get it done.


Dr Joel has become our powerful go to resource for our marriage and personal growth. We are in stretch marks in our lives and Dr Joel cuts through the fog as it occurs and takes us to new levels all the time. Thank you Dr Joel.


I have had the great fortune to have known Dr Joel Wade as his client over a period of 20 years and benefitted tremendously from his expertise, knowledge and guidance in every facet of life. He is the “One Stop Go To” for whatever challenges life throws and quickly and efficiently slays the dragon and creates solutions from within the client.

Dr Wade brings an impressive array of methodology to his clients that encompasses extensive education, honed clinical skills, and a discerning and intuitive listening gift that allows him to “hit the target” on the real issues every time! Dr Wade is an extremely effective and finely tuned Life and Business Coach gleaned in part from his intensive study of human behavior observed over many years as a therapist and also as an avid and vast world traveler.

Additionally, Dr Wade is a man of integrity, compassion and warmth with total dedication to the success of his personal and business clientele. I always look for the opportunity to refer other clients to Dr Wade as I know what a positive and life changing event this will be for them as it has been for me!


Joel, I hope I say it often enough, but I am so grateful for your wisdom and caring approach. That I have a resource that I can turn to for help with one of my most treasured in life is a real blessing to me. Thank you.


Just wanted to express my heartfelt gratitude for all the great work you have done with me these past few months. It has truly been a great blessing in many ways. Some of the issues I have dealt with for years in my life you were able to help me within a few short but very profound sentences. I am slowly reinventing myself based on who I want to become and with your help, I have some strategies in place to achieve that goal. I am amazed at how excellent your ideas are – even in areas where I have felt like I already knew all there was to know about an issue.


A very positive whirlwind and it is not lost on me that this all began after I started talking with you last January. It was valuable and moved me in the direction of my goals, so thank you.


Joel handled my case and more so my person, with the utmost professionalism and care. He was a coach, a mentor and a friend. He was a great listener but also brought forth quick results that came from within me, through his guidance. I accomplished a lot personally through him and would work with him again without hesitation.

Joel was instrumental in helping me find pathways and enlightenment to what was once a dark place. I cannot give enough credit to him, his discipline and his personal approach to me.


Joel has an acute ability to get at the heart of any issue. He assisted me with defining success, goal setting, preparing an action plan and overcoming obstacles. His insight was excellent on the reality of what to expect in certain situations instead of a “pie in the sky” attitude that would have only set me up for failure.

I am very satisfied with Joel Wade’s coaching and would recommend him to anyone wishing to better themselves and achieve lasting results.


One of the best decisions I made in 2010 was to hire Dr. Joel Wade for my personal coach. I am a psychotherapist and coach and am educated about what it takes to be an effective coach. I’m also picky! I can wholeheartedly endorse Dr. Joel Wade’s coaching skills.

I have brought up a diverse number of personal and professional challenges and he has expertly and comfortably coached me through each one. I believe he is one of the very best at what he does. Not only will I continue to work with him, but also I have and will highly recommend him to others.


Dr Joel Wade is among the elite of Life Coaches! He is highly skilled at delivering his vast repertoire of knowledge via practical and simplified methods. As a client of many years, I have found Dr Wade’s expertise, compassion and commitment to my progress invaluable. Highly effective in producing desired results and Most Highly recommended!


It will soon be time for my annual physical exam and the doctor will ask how I’ve been doing since I went to see him last fall complaining of sleeplessness and anxiety. Thinking back makes me realize how far I’ve come since then thanks largely to working with you. Much less anxiety, sleeping pretty well without meds and you know about the other progress. Thanks!


I can’t say enough about the skill and professionalism of my friend and colleague Dr. Joel Wade. I have used his services many times and found them to be not just effective but life-changing. Isn’t that what a life coach is supposed to be?


Dr. Joel Wade was able to pin point our daughter’s greatest personal challenge: her lack of mindfulness. He then helped her understand how important it is that she master this personal challenge. Identifying and working on overcoming the obstacles to success is one of the most valuable things that effective coaching can do. As she is succeeding now we can recognize the influence Joel has had.

Joel also counseled our nephew who is struggling with drug abuse and diabetes. I could tell that Joel had a positive impact on him, and it was a great comfort to be able to talk frankly with Joel about the struggles we all were going through because of the nephew’s problem. Joel made it possible for our nephew to have his very best chance at recovery.


A few months ago, my 8 year-old son started hearing a “voice” and experiencing OCD like symptoms. As a mother, I felt so helpless seeing my son in this condition, which was affecting his whole life, and soon after we were referred to Dr. Joel. From our first session, my son and I immediately felt comfortable with Joel. He is an excellent, compassionate listener and has a unique ability to feel into the state of the child and meet him/her there. Dr. Joel approached my son with respect and did not speak “down” to him just because he’s a kid. Instead, Joel quickly made obvious to my son that he was someone with whom he could open up to and trust. With an easy-going manner, Dr. Joel suggested “missions” for my son to do each week that would help with his condition. Thanks to Joel’s suggestions, slowly but surely, the “voice” and OCD-like behavior began to wane until now, seven months later, it is completely gone.

As a parent, it is easy to spot someone who authentically loves kids and it’s plain to see that Joel is one of them. Because Joel is also a parent, he has first hand-experience to draw from, not just book knowledge. While helping my son, Joel concurrently worked with me to process my feelings of helplessness and of being overwhelmed. He helped me find reassurance in the wild ride that is motherhood and for that I am truly thankful. Dr. Joel has helped us beyond measure and I highly recommend working with him!


Joel had a significant role in helping our son make good choices and get him through a difficult time in his life. Joel was able to talk to him in ways that we as parents were not able to and that made all the difference.


“The time I spent working with Dr. Joel was extremely instrumental in bringing about positive change at a pivotal time in my life. I greatly appreciate not only his knowledge and experience, but also his patience and sensitivity while guiding me through some very difficult and life changing challenges. I am truly thankful to Dr. Joel, and I look forward to working with him again in the future.”